Rich in Beneficial Microbes, Nutrients, Humic & Fulvic Acids, & Enzymes

Pest & Disease Resistance

Increased Yields, Improved Taste & Nutritional Value

Expansive Root Systems

Our Worm Castings Have the Same Consistent High Quality Year After Year

  • From a Visitor to the Farm

    Amazing people and great worm castings. Gave us a tour of the facilities, felt like family when we left. Ill amend my review with the status of my plants in their new soil.

    Amazing People 
  • Making Life a Little Nicer

    Tina is personably, has a very clean site in CAZ, and does a meticulous job. She recently delivered compost in 3 separate trips during this pandemic, along with vermicompost and worms.

    Personable, clean, 
  • Sweet Tea

    Tina’s compost tea—made from her sweet smelling vermicompost—prompted my seeds to sprout in record time. They are thriving. I can’t wait to see the yield in my garden this year. Thank you, Tina.

    Tina's Compost Tea 

Devine Gardens - How & Why We Make Worm Castings

Devine Gardens cows on pasture backbone

Our Beef - Backbone of Our Farm

We cherish our cows and we couldn't make quality, consistent worm castings without them. Our cow's manure and bedding feed the worms. The cow's feed the soil while on pasture. Their beef provides nutritious, tasty food for our customers. Try some soon - it's delicious!

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