Our Devine Gardens Story

Helping people grow healthier, more productive plants without the use of harmful chemicals by producing consistent, nourishing, microbe-rich, contaminant-free, OMRI listed premium worm castings and compost products. Our Dexter cows provide food for the worms, soil and people.
Sharing knowledge of soil health, gardening, use & preservation of fresh garden grown foods, and the thrills, joys, and benefits of gardening using regenerative techniques and life on the farm.
Mike and Tina sitting on hay bales at Devine Gardens
Devine Gardens is Mike and Tina Jacobs. We met in 1982, fell in love, got married and have four great kids. They grew up and started lives of their own, which gave us time for other things. We've always liked being outdoors and busy. I had wanted farm animals for years but didn't have the land for them. When, in 2009, the chance to buy an unkept farm came up we couldn't resist. The first 10 years were spent doing repairs and making improvements to the land and bulidings on the farm. Our farm goal is harmony - to have all the parts work together including plants, animals, people, soil and water. 

Why be a worm farmer?
Around the time that we bought the farm, I grew with vermicompost for the first time. When I saw the dramatic improvements to my plants I thought about how much my Mother would have liked using it on her plants. But she had passed on years before so the next best thing was to make it available to other plant lovers with the hopes of putting smiles on their faces as sweet as my dear Mom's was.
Gardening provides a multitude of benefits. When you have had the experience of growing your own food you appreciate all food more. Gardening outside gives you fresh air, sunshine and moderate exercise. It also gives a feeling of well being. Homegrown food tends to be healthier and taste better. Gardening also brings families and communities together. Flowers bring joy and beauty.

Devine Gardens will make the absolute best worm castings and compost products that we can. Our feedstock won’t have contaminants. By using byproducts of our farm and the local sawmills we will be converting waste into beautiful, clean soil enhancers. With the help of composting worms our worm castings will be filled with low levels of nutrients, a multitude of diverse, beneficial, indigenous microorganisms and insoluble plant growth hormones among other valuable attributes. Therefore: gardeners will be able to enjoy gardening without using harmful chemicals that destroy the health of their soil. Gardeners will be free to garden without the nagging doubt of what those chemicals are doing to the environment and ending up in the food of their loved ones.  Gardeners will be free to grow bigger, healthier, productive plants, naturally.