Tomato Types and Pruning

Tomato Types and Pruning

There are basically 3 types of tomatoes determinate, indeterminate and semi-determinate. Determinate tomatoes are bushy, may be staked and are not pruned. Determinate stop growing when fruit sets on the top bud, ripen all their crop nearly at the same time within two weeks of each other and die. Semi-determinate is bushy but taller so should be staked but not pruned. Semi-determinate will produce one main crop and continue to produce until frost. Indeterminate tomatoes are usually staked and pruned which helps to let the air circulate around the plant preventing fungal disease. They can easily grow to 6 feet plus and will produce until frost.

This indeterminate tomato plant needs to have its suckers removed.

Look for suckers growing just above tomato leaves.

Snip off shoot close to stem and leaf branch.

If suckers are small break them off. It's best to break them off before they're allowed to grow big.

Here's a big shoot notice the leaf branch below it?

A pruned tomato plant.

A tired dog.


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