Healthy Tonic

Healthy Tonic

Devine Gardens

For the past two years, I have drunk this tonic over cold and flu season. I used to get a nice case of bronchitis almost every winter or at least a really bad cold. Since I've been drinking this tonic - no bad cold for me. When I start to feel off I take a shot and follow it up with some water with a little apple cider vinegar added. It is so strong and nasty that it cleans out my entire respiratory system.

Put equal parts of chopped/grated garlic, horseradish, hot peppers, onions and ginger in a glass jar about 3/4 full. (Use naturally grown, fresh vegetables if possible) Pour raw apple cider vinegar over vegetables to the top of jar and cover. Shake jar at least once a day for two weeks. Drain the vinegar off from the vegetables. The vegetables are potent enough to redo the process for more wonderful tonic. 

To make the tonic taste better you can add fruit juice and some natural honey.

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