Gift Ideas to Warm Your Hands, Stoke Your Passion & Feed Your Soil

Gift Ideas to Warm Your Hands, Stoke Your Passion & Feed Your Soil

If you need some gift ideas I have a few that may be helpful. The first idea is a rechargeable hand warmer. I was given the one pictured above for my birthday last month and I love it! It has 3 heat settings from 104 - 131. The lowest setting lasts up to 10 hours. Imagine just putting your hand in your pocket and being able to wrap your hand around something toasty warm. It lets me stay on task for hours without having to stop. Besides gardeners, this gift could be given to any outdoor enthusiast or people with poor circulation. Another nice feature is this hand warmer can be used as a portable cell phone charger. It's good for the environment because it can be reused instead of throwing out the disposable ones that seem to only last a couple of hours.

A second gift idea is a registration for one day or all 3 days to the upcoming NOFA-NY Organic Farming and Gardening Winter Conference.

The third idea is Devine Gardens vermicompost. Easy to ship in the lower 48 states and I can gift wrap it for you. If you, as a gardener, love it then your garden buddies will love it too.

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