Devine Gardens selling at Parry's Hardware

Devine Gardens selling at Parry's Hardware

I will be selling at Parry's Hardware in Hamilton this weekend from 8:00 - noon. Next weekend and the following (March 22nd and 29th) I will be at the Regional Market in Syracuse.

On this winter day it's a good time to look through your catalogs for seeds, shrubs, trees and etc. You may also want to see what seeds you have left from last year. If you saved seeds, take a look at them to see what condition they are in. If they were stored damp they could be bad now.

Where I live it is too early to start tomato and pepper seeds inside but you might want to start very slow to germinate seeds such as rosemary.

Check with your local Soil and Water to see if they are having a tree and shrub sale. Hopefully, you can still order. In Madison County, NY orders are due by March 28th this year. One local store, DeRuyter Co-op is taking orders for an American Chestnut tree. It is close to the original but is blight resistant.

Are you wondering where this pretty picture came from? It is from Plants Map which is a new social website to explore, map and discover gardens and plants contributed by others. It might be a fun way to see what other people are doing with plants. For the link click here or search Plants Map.
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