Devine Gardens Quarterly Winner

Congratulations to the February quarterly winner. She is MM who entered her name in the contest 2 years ago this March. 

Last year I sold nearly all of the vermicompost in stock. Luckily, we also quadrupled the worm's living arrangements (beds). This fall I'll be able to screen and pack the vermicompost so that I'm not trying to fight the cold weather. But for now I have been fighting the cold weather. Small and big bags are packed. I'm taking advantage of the warmer temperatures and sun today by getting some boxes ready. Next week I'll be able to restock the stores that sell it. I'll also start selling at the farmer's markets March 15th. I will be posting on the website where I'll be and on what day. New this year I'l be promoting at the stores that sell Deving Gardens vermicompost. Also, you can always call or email to find out where I'll be selling.

The vermicompost that I have been bagging is beautiful. The changes made last year will make it even better than before: getting the feedstock mixed well, precomposting in the aerated bays and slowly feeding the worms in their beds where the vermicompost is harvested off the bottom - the worms never have to be moved.

There will be about 6 yards of compost ready to sell this spring. I will be selling it bagged and I would like to know your comments about it good and bad. Now that we have a mixer to really get the feedstock well blended I think all of the kinks are worked out. I agree with you that it has taken an awful long time. Next year I should be able to sell in bulk.

If you're looking for composting worms I have a nice supply.

You can now use your credit card or paypal account to buy from me. Yes, I made the move up to a smartphone. 

Did you know that I do a weekly blog during the growing season? I try to give useful gardening information and things that you might find interesting. You can find the blog on my website and I also post it to Facebook.

Below is a sample of what I might write about on the blog: This bit of information is from an email from Charley's Greenhouse. I think it is sage advice for all of us so eager for the joys of gardening.

Caution: Don't start those seeds to soon!
We'’re all anticipating that lush summer garden to come and anxious to get our seeds started. A common mistake, unfortunately, is starting seeds too early. Just when is the right time to start your seeds? The best method I’ve found is to determine when the night temperatures in your area regularly reaches the 50 degree rangeThen count back 4-6 weeks to start your warm weather-loving seeds ( tomatoes, peppers, eggplant etc.) indoors. Once your soil has reached 50-55 degrees routinely, large-seed vegetables (beans, squash, corn, cucumbers etc.) are best sown directly into the garden since they have delicate tap roots that are set back when transplanted as young starts.

Please let me know if you would like to be removed from the quarterly drawings and emails.

Enjoy your spring. I hope to see you soon,

Tina Jacobs
Devine Gardens, llc
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