Devine Gardens Quarterly Winner

Devine Gardens Quarterly Winner

Happy New Year! I'm so happy to announce the newest winner of the Devine Gardens quarterly drawing. She is LB from the Syracuse area who chose the 16 quart box. She registered for the drawing at the CNY in Bloom show of 2012. I miss that show, don't you?

I hope that you've been able to relax and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. There are a few inches of snow on the ground covering up all of the mud so it looks much prettier. It's just got to be so hard for the people getting hit with inches of rain and the risks of flooding. I hope your homes and lawns are holding up okay.

We had a wonderful, busy fall. Do you remember the gorgeous weather we had in September? The windows were open every night to let the smells of fresh cut hay in. The first weekend in October Mike and I started building a 10' x 20' lean to for the cows. Four solid weekends later we screwed the last board in. Then we had a trench dug so that we could bury electric and water lines out to the lean to and pasture. That was finished just before Thanksgiving.

In November we had 2 new additions to the family. On November 6th, our anniversary and my birthday, our first grandson, Andrew Jr. was born. He is a cuddly darling that you could just hold for hours. On November 9th we bought 3 heifer calves. They were born in July and August. They are cute but not cuddly and will not let me hold them.

​The worms are all tucked in for the winter. I have a lot of screened and unscreened vermicompost ready for this upcoming spring. Also, there is a good amount of vermicompost/compost mix available too. I hope that you all have a safe, warm winter.
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