Devine Gardens Quarterly Winner

Devine Gardens Quarterly Winner



The winner of the Devine Gardens Quarterly drawing is C.O. of Philmont, NY. She has chosen the 16 quart box of vermicompost. Congratulations and much success with your future gardening.

How about the weather! Wow! That was a drastic snow storm we had before Thanksgiving, wasn’t it? I hope we don’t see too many more storms like that this upcoming winter. The cows weren’t able to graze for almost a week. They are back to grazing the pasture now even through a couple of inches of snow.

I’m happy to announce that Devine Gardens has received a Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The money will be used to improve marketing and packaging, which up to this point was all done by me. With some expert help, changes made in all aspects of marketing will better inform customers about the benefits of Vermicompost.

This is an exciting, busy time as I work with a marketing/graphic designer and a technical internet support person. I’m also really going to have to keep my nose to the grindstone to make sure everything happens in time for spring. Hopefully, when spring comes Devine Gardens will be ready to bloom like the beautiful flowers we love.

Three of the cows, Betty, Candy and Clover, are bred. Betty is due in early April and she is already huge. Candy is also due mid April. Clover is due late May. Clover, Betty’s calf, was born on our farm in March 2015. The cows are artificially inseminated from a red haired polled Dexter bull. Polled means the animal naturally has no horns from selective breeding. 

Betty’s calf, Pippi, was 6 months old yesterday. I’m posting a picture on Facebook. Soon, I’ll be able to include pictures with my newsletter when I upgrade it. Look for the new format with the next quarterly drawing.

I have not planted my garlic for next year yet but I still might. Maybe I’ll just have to move the snow away to plant it.
Hope you all have a wonderful winter season doing things that make you and your loved ones happy.

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