Devine Gardens November Winner Announced

Devine Gardens November Winner Announced

Happy Fall,

The winner of the Devine Gardens quarterly drawing is ______________.
They have their choice of a 16 quart box of worm castings, a half pound
of worms or a Devine Gardens t-shirt. If you didn't win, hopefully your
name is picked next time.

Compost - I will have approximately 30 yards of compost available to
sell next spring. I wish that I had more but I had some equipment
issues and finding the right source of carbon was tough too. We had to
replace a bearing in the mixer and now it is running much smoother. I
also think that I have finally found a steady supply of carbon to mix
with the manure. Next year looks promising for making a large amount of
compost with the quality that you want.

The worms are happy and producing. I haven't tucked them in for the
winter but that is on my to-do list within the next month.

Big news at the farm. We got our first cows on Halloween Day. There is
a bred heifer due in the spring; her name is Betty Boop. We call her
Betty. There is a 6 month old heifer calf named Candy and there are 2
six month old steers named Spooky and Boo. Can you guess that we got
them on Halloween? Mike and I spent the summer putting up a good strong
fence on 8 acres right next to our house. They are all Dexter cows with
their ancestry coming from Ireland. (Betty is half Dexter/half Jersey
and bred to a Dexter).If you would like to see pictures of them they
are on our Facebook page and website.

The other big news is personal. Our son, Andy, is coming home after
almost 9 years in the army and 3 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.
He is bringing his wife, who was also in the army and deployed twice to
Iraq, and their 4 children. They will be staying with us until they are
settled in. You can just imagine how happy we all are. As I write this
they are driving down through Canada from Anchorage.

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving season.
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