Devine Gardens November Winner

Devine Gardens November Winner

The winner of tne November prize drawing is B.L. from Chenango. Thank-you Cookie for doing a tremendous job picking out the winner.

If your garden beds are not cleaned up as nicely as you would like them to be then you might be doing your garden a favor. Many types of beneficial soil microbes are active in the winter under a nice layer of snow. You can encourage soil microbe activity by leaving some plant litter (leaves and stems) on top of the soil and roots in the soil. I'm hoping to make up a batch of vermicompost tea to spray on the garden before winter comes.

The mixer for the compost was delivered in early September. After working
some bugs out of it and moving it's location a couple of times, I am now
making some good looking future compost. Unfortunately, my truck has had to go to the repair shop for the power steering/power brakes at least 5
times. And it's going back again tomorrow. I wonder how many times Triple
AAA has had to tow a truck filled with horse bedding - maybe I'm a first!
I put some new pictures of the mixer on the website under the farm page
if you would like to see the mixer.

The worms are doing great and making lots of vermicompost now that
there are 12 beds. I bought them insulated foam boards to cover there
beds with this past week. Soon, I'll be hooking up their heat cables,
which I also have to buy more of for the new beds.

The new hay fields grew really well for their first year. Farmer Bob
was able to get them all baled up and put in the hayloft. He has lots
of hay for his cows this winter - not like last year's drought,

I just cooked up the last of the pie pumpkins today. I still have
carrots and beets in the garden that I have to bring in. I think I'll
put them in a wheelbarrow, cover them with soil and keep them in the
garage. That has worked well in the past.

If you're looking for a yummy treat I recently put a recipe for Sour
Cream Pumpkin Coffee Cake on the website's blog page.

Take care and have a nice fall,

Tina Jacobs
Devine Gardens, llc
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