Devine Gardens May winner announced

Devine Gardens May winner announced

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, May 4th Regional Market
Saturday, May 11th Regional Market
Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th
Baltimore Woods Plant Sale 
Friday, June 1st and Saturday June 2nd Garden Party, Sharon Springs, NY
Saturday, June 8th Regional Market

The winner of the May drawing is PS of Oneida County. PS sent in more than one entry to improve her chances of winning. You're welcome to send as many as you want. I always like reading the comments. When I receive an entry I
print them out, fold them into eighths and put it with the previous entries. 

Today, I started a new tradition when it comes time to pick the winner. I poured
out all the entries onto the floor and called my 2 dogs over. It didn't take
very long before one of them grabbed the winning entry with his mouth. He was
very good about giving it back to me and both dogs were happy to be part of the fun!

The worms are in great shape thanks to the heating cables keeping their beds warm over the winter. Usually, they hibernate and it takes until later in May before they are active. This year they were busy eating all winter and they are really rocking and rolling now. It's almost like they can sense that spring is here.
We have 2 major improvements for the farm this year which are replanting hay fields and refencing the pastures. Years ago some of the fields were plowed and just left like that with furrows so deep that they were impossible to hay. So they are being plowed, disked and reseeded into hay. Farmer Bob is planting some corn for his pigs and for my chickens (I don't have them yet). The old barb wire fences have already been taken down. They were 10 years old, the posts were rotting and the barb wire was stretched out and broken. We are planning on putting up high tensile fencing instead. They say it can last up to 30 years and doesn't need as much maintenance.

I'm having fun planting. The strawberry, asparagus and fruit trees that I ordered came yesterday. It looks like I'll be planting them in the evenings and early morning so that they are protected form the sun and heat. I did get a license from the Department of Agriculture and Markets to sell live plants so I will be selling any extra tomatoes and pepper plants this spring. I hope to see all of you at the markets or the other wonderful events in this upcoming growing season.

Have a happy spring playing in your gardens.
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