Devine Gardens FebruMarchary Winner Announced

FebruMarchary? Yes, FebruMarchary, February flew by and here it is March. The winner of the drawing is B.W.

Lots of things to update you on. I am proud to tell you that Devine Gardens vermicompost has been approved for organic use. Compost is not certified because it is not a food item instead it is approved which means it can be used by organic farmers to grow food or feed animals. To be approved vermicompost has to be produced in accordance with USDA National Organic Program guidelines. For the consumer it is another indicator that when you use Devine Gardens vermicompost you are using a quality product.

Over the winter I had 4 different screening sizes of vermicompost tested. The results were very interesting. What I learned was that unscreened, 1/8" screened and "overs" are all valuable with the biggest difference being particle size and intended use. I will be selling unscreened vermicompost in bulk by the square foot at the farm this year. If you're interested to learn more call me. You can also read more about the test and results by visiting

The cows are doing well in the cold weather. Today, they spent much of the day in their shelter though before the wind came up they were giving themselves back rubs on the trees. Betty, the one having a calf any day now, is huge, hungry and bossy. She is always pushing the other cows away from the food. I guess when you're eating for two and you're a cow that's acceptable. It's lucky people don't act like that. I'm happy that she didn't have the calf in the cold month of February. I would be happier if she could wait until April but I really don't thing she will. So exciting! 

The 6 chickens and rooster were moved to a front room of the cow barn just after the New Year began. Their little coop is not insulated and they wouldn't have had any room to move around. Now, they are in a 10' x 10' room with windows on the south and west sides. Chickens are dependent on light to lay eggs. They were down to 2 eggs a day but have already increased it with the longer daylight. Last week they have gave us 5 a couple of days.

My son, Andy and his family stayed with us until the end of January. They are renting a home nearby. It was fun being with the grandgirls every day, hugging the little ones and having the older ones help me cook. But, now they live close by and it is wonderful to be able to stop in and visit. A couple of Sundays ago we had a blast sledding together.

The spring plant shows are coming.
Onondaga Master Gardeners 3rd Annual Plant Sale at Beaver Lake will be May 23rd
Baltimore Woods Spring Celebration and Native Plant Sale - Plantasia will be May 29th and May 30th
The Lysander Spring Market Festravaganza will be on May 31st
The Herb and Flower Festival of Oneida County CCE will be held on June 20th

I'm off to move some more snow. The town does a wonderful job of keeping the roads clean but so much of it ends up in the entry ways to the drives.

Hope all of you are well. Spring is coming, time to order seeds and buy your supplies (maybe some more Devine Gardens vermicompost??)
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