Devine Gardens February Prize Winner Announced

Devine Gardens February Prize Winner Announced

The  winner of the February drawing is D.N. He has chosen a half pound of composting
worms. Congratulations D.N.!!
Devine Gardens will be at the CNY in Bloom Show February 28 - March 3 at the SRC arena. Our booth is #70, located at the end of an ailse facing the  garden displays. It's going to be four beautiful days filled with flowers,  entertainment for young and old, a garden cafe with really good food, interesting exhibits and more. For a link to CNY in Bloom click here:
Something new for this year is an in  between size bag of vermicompost. It is a 4 quart bag which will be good for
those people who wanted more than a quart or two but not the 16 quart box. The  selling price is $6.50 or 2 bags for $12.00. The other sizes and prices are still 1 quart bag for $3.00 or 2 bags for $5.00 and the 16 quart box $15.00 or 2
boxes for $25.00. Tax is included.  
Devine Gardens will be at the Regional Market on Saturday, March 9th and  the Cazenovia Winter Farmer's Market on March 16th.
Devine Gardens is now on facebook. I will be updating on facebook and the website which farmer's market and events that I'll be selling at and the location to make it easier to find the booth. Here is a link to the facebook  page

If you have family and friends living out of the area that would like  Devine Gardens vermicompost, they can now go the the website, order and pay through Paypal and I will ship them their order.
The new aerated compost bays are up and running - even with the cold and wind. I really wanted to have some beautiful compost available for spring. But, compost is like fine wine - it has to age and mature to become a quality  product. Hopefully, some compost will be ready later in the spring or early summer.
Hope you're all doing well. The weather is starting to warm up - it should  be in the 30's most of the week!!
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