Devine Gardens August Winners announced

Devine Gardens August Winners announced

We have 2 winners for the August drawing!! Our dogs, Cookie and Charlie, both picked entries at the same exact time so how could I pick one over the other?
(see website for picture) The winners are Z.C. down towards Ithaca and C.C. in Chittenango.

 The compost is slowly maturing. The worms are loving it but I just am not happy with the lumpy texture. We have bought a mixer for the compost so that it  breaks apart the clumps and it probably will help it decompose a little quicker. I'm eagerly awaiting the mixer's arrival. It's coming from up by Saratoga 
and so the farm equipment dealer is hoping to pair it's delivery with another piece of equipment to save on transportation costs.

Over the summer we have been adding more worm bins. So, we will be able to  produce four times as much ermicompost as before. This vermicompost has been precomposted  so there should be no more pesky weed seeds. The worms love it!

My garden looked terrible a after all of the rain. Luckily it has picked up nicely. The pumpkins are going crazy. I spaced everything way to close though. I put some gates near the cucumbers for them to climb on. The peas and pole beans
are near the fence and they are happily clinging to it. I almost have all of the tomatoes staked. Speaking of tomatoes I gave some tips on preventing late blight a couple of weeks ago on my blog.

We decided to have Williams Fence install high tensile electric fence in the pasture near the barnyard. Now we know we have a good strong base to add more pastures on to. Last year we had way to many cows getting out going to Route 20
or laying cow paddies in my backyard.

The fields got replanted into hay before the big rains came. Some of the seed  got washed away but not too much. They are growing well and Farmer Bob should be able to get a good cutting off of it in September.

I've recently added pictures to the website for you to see what's been going on. I hope you're having a nice summer and your plants are happy. If they're not maybe they need a pick me up with some vermicompost. Also, if your perrenials are lackluster this year, work vermicompost into the soil around the plant. Next year, your plant should have more plentiful flowers and be more robust.
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