About Devine Gardens

Helping people grow healthier, more productive plants without the use of harmful chemicals by producing nourishing, microbe-rich, contaminant-free, organic premium compost & vermicompost products - that's what it's all about.
Sharing knowledge of soil health, gardening, use & preservation of fresh garden grown foods, and the thrills, joys, and benefits of gardening using regenerative techniques and life on the farm.

About us - Mike and Tina Jacobs. We met in 1982, fell in love, got married and have four great kids. We've always liked being outdoors and busy. I had wanted farm animals for years but didn't have the right neighborhood for them. When, in 2009, the chance to buy this unkept farm came up we couldn't resist. Since then we have been making improvements to the land and bulidings so that the farm will eventually be in harmony and that all the parts work together including plants, animals, people, soil and water. 

Gardening provides a multitude of benefits. When you have had the experience of growing your own food you appreciate all food more. Gardening outside gives you fresh air, sunshine and moderate exercise. It also gives a feeling of well being. Homegrown food tends to be healthier and taste better. Gardening also brings families and communities together. Flowers bring joy and beauty.

Devine Gardens believes that every person should have the right to garden whether in their own back yard or community gardens. They should also have the right to clean, untainted soil and water. To make this happen we will make the absolute best compost we can. Our feedstock won’t have contaminants. By using byproducts of our farm and the local sawmills we will be converting waste into beautiful, clean compost. With the help of composting worms our compost will be filled with low levels of nutrients, a multitude of diverse, beneficial, indigenous microorganisms and insoluble plant growth hormones among other valuable attributes. Therefore: gardeners will be able to enjoy gardening without using harmful chemicals that destroy the health of their soil. Gardeners will be free to garden without the nagging doubt of what those chemicals are doing to the environment and ending up in the food of their loved ones.  Gardeners will be free to grow bigger, healthier, productive plants, naturally.
Recently, we have started selling our beef, born and raised on our farm. 

I hope you enjoy this timeline that shows the improvements as the years go by.

We bought our beautiful farm in November 2009. The barn was built in 1947. There is a little bit of rotted wood that has to be replaced and most of the windows are missing. But besides that and needing a good paint job, it's in good shape. The farm is on Route 20 in Nelson. Our hope is to slowly bring the barn and the land back into produtive agriculture. Here are a few pictures of the barn.
(Coming Soon: Photo History of the full farm Transformation!)
Repairs on the floorMike paiting
Visit our beef website: https://devinegardens.eatfromfarms.com/ Heritage breed Dexter cattle, originally from Ireland, are one of smallest breeds weighing between 700 – 1000 as adults. They have a nice, docile disposition, are solid, compact, good grazers, cold hardy, have excellent maternal qualities, and are triple purpose (meat, dairy and oxen). Their meat is lean, tender, well marbled, has exceptional flavor and delicious. Our Dexters are strategically grazed through the growing season, in winter they roam freely in our barn with access to pasture on nice days. 95% of their diet is pasture and hay, supplemented with grain and minerals. They live healthy cow lives and that helps then to be healthy. Our cows spend their time with fellow cows in a herd. They have fresh air, fresh water, green pastures, freedom of movement and access to shelter. They feel the sun and the rain on their backs. After a good rain they smell like newly cut hay. Some are friendly and like back rubs and some don't. They are cows. If you care about where your food comes from and how it was raised, give us a call to visit our farm and purchase some beef.