Fresh From the Farm Beef

Dexter cattle, originally from Ireland, are one of smallest breeds weighing between 700 – 1000 as adults. They have a nice, docile disposition, are solid, compact, good grazers, cold hardy, have excellent maternal qualities, and are triple purpose (meat, dairy and oxen). Their meat is lean, tender, well marbled, has exceptional flavor and delicious.

Our Dexters are strategically grazed through the growing season, in winter they roam freely in our barn with access to pasture on nice days. 95% of their diet is pasture and hay, supplemented with grain and minerals. Are children were given vaccinations and antibiotics, if needed. Our cows receive the same care though none have needed antibiotics. They live healthy cow lives and that helps then to be healthy.

Our cows spend their time with fellow cows in a herd. They have fresh air, fresh water, green pastures, freedom of movement and access to shelter. They feel the sun and the rain on their backs. After a good rain they smell like newly cut hay. Some are friendly and like back rubs and some don't. They are cows.

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