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Hardiness Zones and Growing Days

Different areas have different temperatures which would make it hard to know when to plant and harvest. Thankfully we have the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. The map is based on the annual average minimum temperature divided into 10-degree Fahrenheit zones. To be even more precise it's divided even more into 5 degree Fahrenheit zones. My hardiness zone is 5a which means the average minimum temperature is -20 to -15. Hardiness zones are important when deciding which varieties of plants like grape vines or rose bushes should be planted. In my zone 5a if I planted the wrong type of grape vine it could easily freeze and die. If I planted any kind of citrus tree it would surely die.  More useful...

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Devine Gardens August Winners announced

We have 2 winners for the August drawing!! Our dogs, Cookie and Charlie, both picked entries at the same exact time so how could I pick one over the other? (see website for picture) The winners are Z.C. down towards Ithaca and C.C. in Chittenango.

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