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Lucky I Came Home

  Lucky I came home when I did yesterday. I found this little guy outside of the pasture with his momma cow, Betty, inside. She was very upset that she couldn't get to him. I ran, picked him up and put him back inside for her. Betty was grateful until...Pippi showed what a monster she could be.  Pippi put her snout under the new calf and threw him a couple of feet in the air. I chased her away but she and Cyrus, another cow, started running around. They ran over the top of the new calf, luckily they didn't step on him. I picked him up again and carried him into the "maternity ward". Betty happily followed. Before I...

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Baby calf Dotti hogs the maternity ward

New baby Dotti and her mom, Pippi are doing well. We kept them in the maternity ward so Dotti will be strong and fast when she they are let out. We've had a coyote hanging around very close to the house so we want to be extra careful. I love this picture of Clover and Betty hanging around the maternity ward for their turns at having calves. They can't wait to have their meals brought to them!! 

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