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Buying Beef in Bulk

Buying Beef in Bulk Do you want to buy a whole or half of a cow? Devine Gardens ask $3.75 per pound hanging weight (does not include processing approx. $700.00 additional for a whole) Hanging weight averages 500 pounds. Plan on 65% (roughly 300 pounds) of beef. That figure includes bone-in steaks and roasts. It does not include soup bones (approx. 30#) and organ meat (approx.15#). 300 pounds of beef would take approx. 10 cubic feet of freezer space.  Whole cow with processing cost is approximately $2,575.00. Half cow with processing cost is approximately $1,287.00. We ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit. Buying Beef in Bulk Tips for Cut Selection To decide what cuts you want, it will be helpful...

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Is it Chocolate Cake? No it's a Rhizosheath

It might look like chocolate cake but it's a picture of a healthy root system. Rhizosheath is the soil that clings to the roots of a plant. It consists of root hairs, exudates, soil aggregates, and microbes. The microbes feed off of the root's sugar and carbon exudates. The microbes release nutrients in exchange for food. Soil particles become bound to the roots from the microbial secretions forming soil aggregates. Nicely covered roots are a sign of a healthy microbe population. Clean, white roots show a lack of microorganisms. Rhizosheaths help plants by reducing drought, making nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients more available and can buffer the pH of the immediate area around the roots by as much as 2...

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