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Tomato Collars

Put cut off buckets or pots around your tomato plants to shelter them from wind and keep them a little warmer at night. It makes watering them easier because you just water inside the pots so you're only watering the tomato plant and not wasting water. Best of all your cute little puppy dog or kitty cat won't lay on them. I have read that this will also protect plants from cutworms.

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Which is worse? Late blight or chickens in the garden

I found late blight on the tomato plants on Labor Day weekend. I sprayed them often with vermicompost tea and I think it did slow the blight spread. Hardly any of the tomatoes were getting infected. I had one plant with several huge tomatoes that were slowly becoming vine ripened to perfection. Yesterday, the chickens got into the garden - I had accidentally left the gate open. Well let me tell you, chickens KNOW which tomatoes are the ripest and juiciest.

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Late Blight in Madison County

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but late blight is in Madison County. Please be on the look out for it. Keep your tomato plants well pruned and up off the ground for circulation. Even though I just pruned mine 2 weeks ago they had already become overgrown with side shoots. I spent this morning trying to get them back in shape by pruning and staking.

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