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My garlic grew so well this summer that I have way too much so I'm giving away garlic bulbs and planting instructions to the first 50 people. Hope to see you Saturday at the Wescott Bulb Give Away.    Sat. Oct. 4th, 10 am - 2 PM                                                                 Westcott Community CenterWorking with 45 individuals and community organizations 14,400 bulbs will be planted in the city of Syracuse in 2014 bringing our total to142,000 since we started in 2003. The goals of the project are neighborhood beautification and community building. Initially focused only in the Westcott neighborhood the project went city wide in 2010. Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Give Away Day - Help Beautify the Westcott neighborhood. 3,600 spring blooming, perennial daffodil bulbs will be...

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