Pinching off tomato suckers

I have been trying to pinch off the tomato suckers before they get too big. If, by the time I notice them, they have baby tomatoes growing on the suckers I may let them stay depending on how many other suckers already have tomatoes. I know that you should pinch back suckers because you don't want all of the plants energy going towards producing suckers. You want the plant to produce tomatoes. I also like to pinch back the suckers (and sometimes the leaves) so that the plant doesn't get so bushy that the air can't pass through it. It's good to have air pass through tomato plants to avoid fungal attacks. I have watered the plants with vermicompost tea about 4 times so far this year. They look healthy.
I also pinched off the new growth on a couple of my tomato plants to encourage the tomatoes to start ripening. I can't wait for fresh salsa!


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