I Come From the Land Down Under - A Different View

I have been thinking about gardening from a different view. This past week we had our first taste of summery weather. If you were like me, did you get a little bit excited or feel overwhelmed by all the garden and yard tasks that were calling your name? To make it even more frustrating, did you become so overworked and hot that you had to go inside and rest? And then there is the element of garden envy...a bad place to go.

A different view gives perspective, like the old saying "beauty is only skin deep" meaning the character is more important than what is seen at first glance. This is so true for our gardens. Think about it, the soil under the ground is the true character of our gardens! With that thought, now we are free to concentrate our energies on making healthy soil! No longer will we need to feel like our gardens have to look perfect when friends stop by. Instead, along with our friends we grab shovels to unearth the beauty of rich, moist, dark soil with strands of fungi connecting plants, lots of earthworms, and all kinds of arthropods. Because in the end, you really can't have truly healthy plants until your soil is healthy - from the land down under!

Gardening styles: Though my garden looks messy it produces food, which is most important to me. It has weeds that I try to control but they always seem to get ahead of me. Function is more important than looks such as the use of rusty pallet shelving to support tomato plants. As the years go by, I would like my gardens to become neater, but for now, it's good enough. What is your garden style? Gardening styles are described in this article https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/garden-how-to/lifestyle/what-gardener-are-you.htm

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