Easy Pot Roast Recipe

One chuck or shoulder roast, approx 3# roast will serve 4 hefty portions
Better Than Boullion Beef Base or salt
Chopped onion
To a heated heavy pan add 2 tbsp oil (tallow works well for this)
Sear roast on both sides
Put roast in dutch oven, 9" x 13" pan or similar pan
Spread top of roast with t tbsp beef base (or just sprinkle with salt)
Sprinkle black pepper on top of roast
Top roast with chopped onions
Put 2 cups of water in bottom of pan
Cover with lid or aluminum foil
Bake at 350 for 5 hours
The longer it cooks the more tender the roast becomes
Remove roast to platter
Pour drippings into saucepan
Heat drippings to boiling
Make gravy by mixing 2 tbsp cornstarch into 2 cups of water
Slowly add cornstarch mixture to drippings while stirring. Add as much mixture as needed to make the desired consistancy.
Cut roast into serving size pieces
We like mashed potates with pot roast and roasted root vegetables cooked in pan seperately from pot roast.

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