Devine Gardens tips on seedlings

Devine Gardens will be in the A shed at the Regional Market tomorrow.
Attached is a picture of the "grow light" that I hung in the greenhouse. Even with the light and the greenhouse facing a southern window I don't know if it will give all the plants enough light. They are definitely doing better since I hung the light up. Not enough light will cause your seedlings to be leggy - tall and thin.
Hudson Valley Seed Library has some really good tips on growing seedlings (go to their blog and search seed starting). Just in the nick of time I learned that I was keeping the greenhouse too warm. After the seeds have sprouted you don't want the temperature in the 70s anymore, except for peppers and eggplant - they are on the top shelf. Dampening off is one of the bad things that can happen to your seedlings if you keep them too warm. Even though vermicompost has shown to help seedlings fight off dampening off (pythium disease) why ask for trouble.

You can plant the seeds of cold hardy plants (peas, spinach) as soon as the soil can be worked. Use vermicompost when putting your seeds in the ground outside too. You can put a small amount (1/2 inch) into the furrow for smaller seeds like carrots and lettuce or just put a smidgen with bigger seeds like beans and squash.

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